Spain: a benchmark in road safety

Spain has made major efforts to reduce the rate of accidents, and it is now time to collaborate with other countries to reduce risks on streets and roads. Road safety “is a priority for the United Nations. We have to involve all the public and private institutions to search for solutions to traffic accidents, helping countries that suffer the drama of accidents on the roads to improve their safety levels by increasing professional skills and training their authorities and leaders,” explains Alexander Mejía, head of the UNITAR-UN programme. Speaking at the headquarters of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, this high-ranking UN official asked for a boost to road safety through more training and skills for professionals as key tools to reduce accidents and victims on the roads. This challenge is included in the UN Sustainable Development Goal 3.6.

The Spanish Director-General for Traffic, Gregorio Serrano, went on to highlight that “thanks to the efforts made by society as a whole, our country now stands as a global benchmark in road safety. These results and the participation of the DGT in the most important international bodies (the UN, OECD, IRTAD, ETSC, EU, etc.) have meant that our model is now being studied closely.”

At this international meeting, the President of CIFAL Madrid and President of RACE, Carmelo Sanz de Barros, presented the first UN Road Safety Research and Training Centre in the world, located in Spain and administered by RACE: “A centre open to all the experts in the world to learn from our experience, discover what has been done in Spain to be among the countries with the lowest accident levels in the world, and to have access to a network of professionals to work on the common goal of saving lives.” As head of the CIFAL Madrid centre, during the meeting the President of RACE was also presented with the United Nations flag, its highest international recognition.

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