As part of the CIFAL Global Network run by UNITAR, one of the cornerstone actions undertaken by CIFAL Madrid is technical training and professional instruction. Various levels of training are offered based on the knowledge level of the candidate. These range from a degree course leading to Official University Certification as an Expert in Road Safety Management to specialisation courses based on ongoing training plans, as well as certificates for attending training days, events and conferences organised by CIFAL Madrid.

One of the problems faced by emerging or developing countries is a lack of highways and road safety professionals and, consequently, a lack of training centres. Through the UNITAR Global Network, managed under the United Nations, an opportunity is provided to establish a global training plan in which knowledge on the subject can be adapted to the needs of each country, responding to greater or lesser demands on content and regulating their development in stages after analysing the achievement of set targets. The United Nations has set a challenge to reduce the number of deaths, victims and accidents on our roads by 50% worldwide as part of its global plan.

As the only benchmark UNITAR centre in road safety training worldwide, CIFAL Madrid must offer support for creating this network of professionals as this will, in turn, lead to the creation of a panel of global experts for sharing experiences and making progress on prevention.