Road Safety Training

At CIFAL Madrid we think that training is essential for achieving the goal of reducing accidents on the streets and roads. That is why we have proposed a far-reaching set of online and classroom training courses targeted at road safety experts and professionals.

Ranging from courses of 3 teaching hours to a university postgraduate qualification as Expert, training at CIFAL Madrid will build students’ capacities at different levels, leading to a certificate from the Centre and UNITAR, the UN Institute for Training and Research.

University Postgraduate Course

Course leading to a diploma of Expert in Road Safety Management and Administration

The Private Degree of Expert in Road Safety Management and Administration has been created to take advantage of the potential represented by combining knowledge of all the aspects related to road safety with the opportunity to manage it effectively at all levels.


The Private Degree of Expert in Road Safety Management and Administration has been created to offer the highest level of qualifications to experts and professionals in accident prevention, creating a hub in which experts can exchange experience and knowledge.
Among the objectives of the studies are the following:

  • Complete a training programme, whose content and methodology are described in this document.
  • Promote the exchange of experiences and knowledge between professionals in the sector, with the aim of creating synergies, fostering professional contacts and training a key group for future projects.
  • Take the lead and create a model in innovative quality training projects, promoting communication and knowledge transfer.
  • Offer a unique and unrepeatable professional and personal experience, which takes place in a pleasant and enriching working atmosphere, in a special environment of exclusive dedication.
  • Provide professionals with a specific solution to a real situation in each country, by carrying out an intervention project that will be worked on by the student with the advice of professionals.

Who is it aimed at?

Road safety technicians and professionals responsible for traffic and occupational risk prevention, insurers, automobile clubs, research centres and users in general who want to focus their professional development on the field of road safety.


The course is divided into 4 large modules, which will analyse in depth questions such as research, road safety plans, the human factor, the vehicle factor, infrastructures, communication, the role of victims, international vision and road safety education. along with other areas of study.


Private Degree of Expert in Road Safety Management and Administratio



CIFAL Madrid-RACE provides users with a catalogue of online courses. The courses are designed to develop professional training through the study of specific questions relating to traffic and road safety.

The courses use multimedia resources and visual elements to ensure easy understanding, and may be taken, stopped or resumed at any time. Once the course is completed, students will have the knowledge needed to assess the risk elements and factors present in road accidents, preventive driving techniques and vulnerable drivers, with an emphasis on vehicles, infrastructures and the human factor as key elements of road safety.

Once the tests have been passed and the course is over, users will be presented with a Diploma accrediting the course with the seal of CIFAL Madrid, RACE and UNITAR.