About the CIFAL Madrid Centre

The Global CIFAL Network is the network of UNITAR centres dedicated to providing cutting-edge training. Each CIFAL is specialised in specific thematic areas, fostering the reinforcement of professional training and research, providing platforms for the exchange of knowledge and disseminating good practices through the lessons learned in key countries.
With this goal, the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), a body that is part of the United Nations organisation, and the Royal Automobile Club of Spain (RACE) has created the first UN centre in the world offering training in road safety that specialises in the prevention of traffic accidents and strategies for preventing risks on the road.
As a key institution for CIFAL Madrid, RACE will make available its knowledge and experience to developing countries for the training of experts, studying the local problems and promoting good practices, in collaboration with the United Nations. Among the activities of CIFAL Madrid are:

  • Training authorities and leaders
  • Fostering capacity building for professionals through studies, seminars and postgraduate courses on road safety
  • Developing events and day-long sessions with leading authorities
  • Promoting good practices and strategies for the prevention of traffic accidents
  • Collaborating with other countries on their respective projects.