Road safety training courses: e-learning

We are supporting you, for this reason this course is being funded by UNITAR, in the present situation of Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Inscription: Open
  •   Type: Online
  • Duration: 10 hours
  •   Cost:Funded by UNITAR
  • Phone: + 34 91 594 75 62


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Who is it aimed at

This Road Safety course in road risk prevention is aimed at all students and professionals in the field of road safety who wish to have a global vision on the different topics of road safety, in order to improve the analysis tools and action proposals in his future actions on mobility in different ways.


The objective of the course is to generate global knowledge in the analysis and prevention of traffic accidents through the different modules that make up the course.

  • Analyze the main risk factors present in traffic accidents.
  • Know strategies for prevention.
  • Analyze road accident.
  • Characteristics and benefits of efficient driving.
  • Defensive driving.
  • Vehicle security (active and passive).
  • Infrastructure.
  • The human factor its influence on traffic accidents.