Monographic sessions and encounters

The latest training option is the CIFAL Madrid Monographic Sessions or encounters that will be held in response to current issues related to the centre’s scope of activity. The aim is to find solutions to the social concerns caused by traffic accidents, along with the presentation of the latest technology. Through the monographic sessions organised by CIFAL Madrid, experts of recognised prestige, or a panel of experts, will offer their knowledge and viewpoint during a day-long session targeted at professionals, the media and institutional representatives, under the aegis of RACE and UNITAR.

Twice a month, questions of national and international interest will be addressed. Among the questions dealt with are:

  • Mobility in the future
  • Challenges in the area of road safety around the world
  • Technological developments in vehicles
  • The experience of improvements in road safety around the world
  • Road safety training
  • The cities of the future
  • The environment

Accompanied by the presentation of international studies in collaboration with the CIFAL Madrid Centre.