CIFAL Madrid RACE, with Children’s Road Safety

We work around the world to improve safety for the little ones


One of the objectives of CIFAL Madrid Center, managed by RACE, is to help other countries to improve Road Safety and, in particular, vulnerable users, such as children. That was one of the commitments made by RACE at the signing of the CIFAL Madrid Constitution at the United Nations Palace. In this context, we have implemented different actions to prevent children’s road accidents.



Congresses and Conferences

We organize and collaborate in forums and congresses to transmit our knowledge and experience, allowing the materials and works developed in this field to be available to organizations and institutions. An example was the organization of the “I Child Road Safety Conference” in the Dominican Republic, with the collaboration of the Government of the Dominican Republic, the Automobile Club Dominicano and SmartBaby – JOIE, partner of the CIFAL Madrid RACE Center for training in Child Safety.



The proposed activity is carried out over two days, with a first Conference in which authorities, institutions and companies participate, showing the advances in child road safety, studies and crash tests to improve the protection of children inside the vehicle. In the second day, a road accident simulation is carried out with children involved, an exercise led by Spanish rescue teams that previously train local emergency technicians.

CIFAL Madrid RACE also participates in Ibero-American Road Safety Congresses, National Conferences for professionals on parents and child education, or talks at health centers, hospitals and schools.




Professional training


One of the mandates established by the Training Institute of the United Nations – UNITAR for its global CIFAL network, is the training of professionals. Through CIFAL Madrid RACE, allows professionals to develop their strategies in achieving the objectives of reducing accidents in terms of Road Safety, and specifically in the child population as one of its priorities.

For this, we have a training program based on the research developed by RACE in recent years, as well as the result of reports and sociological studies launched by road safety technicians, in collaboration with external companies specialized in social studies.

As a result of this knowledge, and the experience of years of work in this area, at CIFAL Madrid RACE we can train technicians and professionals from other countries in improving Child Safety, covering the different aspects of this topic:


  • Road safety education for children.
  • Investigation and crash tests.
  • Train of trainers.
  • Use of child restraint systems.
  • Wrong use and risks.
  • Legislation: regulatory framework.
  • Disclosure and campaigns.
  • Biodynamic of injuries.
  • Systems security results.


The CIFAL Madrid RACE Center has a e-learning training program for road safety in Spanish and English, with specific contents on child safety.


Practical courses

Road safety must start by institutions that participate in the actions and strategies of prevention campaigns. At CIFAL Madrid RACE we teach Child Road Safety courses at different levels, combining practical training and professional training.


In the theoretical classes we teach the improvement of child road safety and its application to improve children protection, this training plan also seeks the safety of the company’s worker and especially the sales network. The practical driving courses include exercises and simulations of risky maneuvers, directly affecting Corporate Social Responsibility, contributing to the improvement of safety at work.


These training plans are an excellent image tool for companies and institutions, with highly qualified teachers in the field Road Safety field.



Materials and activities for the little ones

RACE, as manager of CIFAL Madrid, and UNITAR, with the collaboration of JOIE and SmartBaby Foundation, propose to have a good time with “The Wheel Crew”, a story in Spanish and English to learn road safety with children in a fun way. Through their characters, the forest animals will learn how to reduce risk through the examples that the wiser animals will give them. At the end of the story, the crew will promote a series of learnings from their journey through the forest, such as wearing a helmet, using a belt on public transport or always traveling in your child restraint chair, respecting the rules when we are pedestrians or we go cycling. In addition, as Ambassadors of Road Safety, the characters will encourage younger readers to learn how they have done it and to remember these messages among older people.

Download “The Wheel Crew”, the story and the educational guide for parents and teachers

Along with the story and the educational guide for parents and teachers, you can also download an activity book for children, in which, through fun proposals and hobbies, the little ones can play with the characters in the story, while they learn road safety education.

Download an activity book for children