Intensive Postgraduate Course on Road Safety


  • Type: Face-to-face
  •   Start date: 01/10/2020
  • End date: 30/10/2020
  •   Duration: 300 horas
  •   Schedule: Monday to Friday from 9:30h to 17:30h
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The course is aimed at technicians, authorities and leaders who want to train in Road Safety in an intensive university course, taking advantage of their holidays or their stay in Spain to receive a degree endorsed by the European University, CIFAL Madrid RACE and the United Nations through UNITAR.

The course will be taught at the Alcobendas Campus of the European University in Madrid, and has the participation of 44 national and international teachers from different leading institutions in mobility and road safety, as well as visits to traffic control centers and advance driving courses in the Jarama Circuit.


The objective of this postgraduate course is to offer professionals who are already working, or want to focus their careers on the topics of road safety management, a variety of tools that allow them to propose solutions to different problems that may appear in their field of activity (urban planning, consultancies, road safety campaigns, etc).

The course is aimed at professionals dedicated to Road Safety management, with an executive and decision-making profile in the area of policies to be developed in their respective entities in the field of road safety, traffic, prevention and mobility.

  • Public organisms
  • Private organizations
  • Automobile clubs
  • Research and analysis centers
  • Consulting

Students’ textimonials


Competences to be acquired by the Road Safety expert:


  1. To have and understand knowledge in the areas of study, in this case Road Safety and Mobility, based on their training and previous experience, reaching a level of knowledge that includes the most advanced aspects in this field.
  2. Know how to apply this knowledge to your work in a professional way.
  3. Acquire knowledge for the elaboration and defense of strategies, as well as solve the resolution of problems in the field of Road Safety and mobility.
  4. Be able to collect and interpret relevant data (usually within their professional development area) to establish policies and actions on traffic and road safety from a scientific and technical perspective.
  5. Being able to transmit information, ideas, problems and solutions to a specialized and non-specialized audience.
  6. Develop those learning skills necessary to undertake further training with a high degree of autonomy.


Faculty of teachers

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