Intensive week-long training programmes

Many professionals use their holidays to improve their training, whether in foreign languages or other skills. There are many summer courses at which prestigious professionals give lectures in specialist day-long sessions.

At the CIFAL Madrid Centre we propose the creation of intensive road safety programmes organised by RACE and UNITAR. For a specific period, students will receive intensive classes on road safety, participate in forums and workshops, seminars, etc. The programme will deal exclusively with road safety, through lectures, international encounters, acts, day-long sessions, monographic sessions, etc. in both Spanish and English, giving professionals the chance to receive the best information from Spanish and international experts.

From morning to evening, students will submerge themselves into the world of road safety through scheduled activities presented on the CIFAL Madrid website. They will be presented with certificates of attendance from the CIFAL Madrid Centre, backed by RACE, a university and UNITAR:

We’re working on it! We will shortly be publishing the dates, location and activities of this programme, which we hope will prove to be a hub for exchanges between experts and professionals from around the world.